1 Step to biuld your remembering ability

I hear Something look like noise, i opened my eyes and look around me, my phone is ringing, i stretch my hand to reach the phone while i’m yawning because i get up at that time, when i look the phone the caller is my friend Hamid, “Hello Hamid” i said, hi did not wait that greeting, but i talk loudly saying “you came the office and did not bring me the book that you promised me yesterday” yes that is true i promise to give him the best Somali novel book ‘Maana-Faay’ but i forgot carry when i was going to work where we both work together. Continue reading

How to Live with Life your Dream Life: 5 Hints About How Live With Your Dream Life


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If you have a dream and you are thinking about how you can success it, here is a five powerful tips that you let you touch your dreams Continue reading

4 great tips to manage time

First of all, you came here that you know the most important thing humans have is Time and mind.



Here we explain only four time management steps that you can figure after you read these tips. Continue reading