1 Step to biuld your remembering ability

I hear Something look like noise, i opened my eyes and look around me, my phone is ringing, i stretch my hand to reach the phone while i’m yawning because i get up at that time, when i look the phone the caller is my friend Hamid, “Hello Hamid” i said, hi did not wait that greeting, but i talk loudly saying “you came the office and did not bring me the book that you promised me yesterday” yes that is true i promise to give him the best Somali novel book ‘Maana-Faay’ but i forgot carry when i was going to work where we both work together.

i thing that “why happened”

i call my brother Mahad who studying Psychology by online, and asked that question he said “you can solve this problem to exercise your brain”  How!! 

Here i would like to explain how to exercise the brain of remembering

Every Night when you go bed and lay your side on bed, and your head on pillow, before sleep, try to remember what you did when you get up from this bed, until you came back to it, try to remember every thing you did that day between getting up and going to bed.

No matter, if you fall sleep during remembering, you made some exercise.

No matter,if you forgot some thing you did, because you will remember all things after three night of practise

I hope it will help you,

thanks for your reading

Mr, Jaakad


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