4 great tips to manage time

First of all, you came here that you know the most important thing humans have is Time and mind.



Here we explain only four time management steps that you can figure after you read these tips.

#1: Categorize all what you spent your time 

sleeping, reading, watching, cocking, driving, riding, talking, emailing and other activities you do is what you spend your time, any step that you do is one of four categories that you spend your time

#One- Urgent and not important

Example: House caught of fire and pregnant woman giving birth, all urgent and important tasks must do at the time you meet them, because they can’t wait you another time and they happen rarely.

#Two- Urgent and not Important

Example: a friend called you to share normal events with you, it is not important but its urgent (friend calling you) try to combine respecting your friend and not wast your time.

#Three- Not urgent and not important

example: going play station to play game, getting ready to watch football match and o on.

try to eliminate all things that can be in this category from your life.

#Four- Not urgent and important

example: class courses, reading books, work, gym and shopping.

All tasks can be in this category need managing

#2- Use time Table and To do List

The fourth category we talked above is the part of your life that need to manage,  to put it in time table, to put it to do list and these are the most important that you will allow you to hit your target. so, to cover them, you need to carefully put them in Schedule

#3- wake up early, go bed early

when you wake up early morning about 4:30 AM, you will feel that day is so longer then other days, your brain is fresh and calm,

when you go bed early, you will get enough sleep and that situation train you to focus your priorities

 #4- Celebrate your achievements

Remembering your achievements encourages you to go forward, encourages you that your life style about time is good.





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